What Makes COVID-19 PCR Test As Most Reliable?

What Makes COVID-19 PCR Test As Most Reliable?

Even though it has been over a year since COVID-19 took over the world, there is little evidence of when the virus will cease to exist. Countries world over have pooled in their scientific resources in the mission to create the perfect vaccine, but have failed to create a cure that keeps one 100% secure from the virus. This is why people need to keep getting tested so they can go into isolation upon contracting the coronavirus.

One of the best ways to find out if one has contracted the virus is through a PCR test. A PCR test, polymerase chain reaction test, is conducted to detect any virus in the human body. And due to the test’s reliability and accuracy, it is one of the most popular ways to determine if one has contracted the novel coronavirus.

Feeling under the weather? Save yourself from the stress of being infected and find out for sure by getting a PCR test. Afraid to step out and get tested? In that case, arrange for a PCR test at homes as numerous hospitals all over Dubai are offering the service.

How is a PCR test conducted?

Conducting a PCR test includes collecting a swab from the nose using a soft tip. The swab sample is then sealed and sent to the lab for testing. From thereon, begins the job of the laboratory technician to test the sample and detect the existence of the virus. This is done by using special chemicals and a PCR machine. A positive PCR test means you have been infected by the coronavirus, whereas a negative result means you are safe from COVID-19.

Advantages of a PCR test

Have you ever wondered why PCR tests are so popular as compared to other COVID tests? Due to its reliability, governments all over the world recommend a PCR test for travel. Here are some of the advantages of a PCR test:

  • It is not invasive: All that is required is a swab of mucous from the nose or throat.
  • Less number of false results: Though not all tests are 100% reliable, a PCR test has the least chances of showing an incorrect result.
  • Easily available: PCR tests are offered by numerous hospitals and clinics and the option of a PCR test at home is also available.

Why get tested before traveling?

Since COVID-19 is extremely contagious and can be life-threatening for the old and sick, everyone needs to get a PCR test done before traveling. This is important so that those with the virus do not travel and spread the infection – but instead quarantine themselves. The test is especially needed to identify those who are infected but are asymptomatic.

According to the requirements provided by numerous airlines and countries, people need to be tested for the coronavirus 1-3 days before traveling. The PCR test result needs to be displayed before boarding the flight and upon arrival at the travel destination.


PCR test in Dubai

Numerous clinics and hospitals offer PCR test at home in Dubai to safeguard visitors and locals from being infected by the coronavirus. The list of reliable healthcare centers helping to fight the spread of the virus includes the Zia Medical Center that offers affordable rates for PCR test at home, as well as well-equipped laboratories that produce reliable tests. If you are looking for a PCR test near you, the solution to all your problems is Zia Medical Center’s PCR Test Home Collection Service.

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