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Best Dental Specialist Now Within Your Reach

At Zia Medical Centre, our team of dental specialists and surgeons study, diagnose, prevent and treat all diseases, disorders, and conditions of your teeth.

Let’s Talk about Women’s Health – before, during and after Pregnancy

Gynecologists are doctors who specialize in women’s health to deal with the functions and diseases specific to the female reproductive system.

Message from Dr. Najlaa Al Tamimi on Cervical Cancer

A message from our CEO on “cutting edge radiology specialization”

A message from our CEO on “cutting edge radiology specialization”

Wellness Day at Dubai Police

Zia Medical Center team was invited to be a part for the Dubai Police wellness day. During the event, the Zia team conducted Gait Analysis,

Wellness Day at Axiom Telecom

Axiom Telecom UAE invited Zia Medical Center to kick off the wellness day proceedings. The staff had the opportunity to get Body Composition Analysis

Wellness Day at Four Seasons

Zia Medical Center was invited to organize the Wellness Day for Four Seasons Hotel. The staff enjoyed various health screenings and were consulted by Dr. Fasia Basir

Health Day at FAM Properties

FAM Properties organized a health day with a talk on Stress Management by Dr. Nida Asif, General Practitioner and Dental Screening by Dr. Ali Hussain.

Men’s Health Awareness at Tanfeeth

Tanfeeth welcomed Dr. Steven Josephs, TCM & Acupuncturist at Zia Medical Center to discuss Men's Health issues & understand their risks.

Breast Cancer Awareness at Schlumberger

Schlumberger UAE invited Dr. Erzebeth Makk, Specialist Internal Medicine for a Breast Cancer Awareness session for their staff.