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Zia Medical Center is one of Dubai’s most trusted medical services facilities, serving more than 2000 patients every month across a number of clinical specialties. We are committed to helping our community achieve optimum health and enjoy the best quality of life possible.

Zia Medical Center is modern healthcare facility that ranks among the leading medical clinics in Dubai. Our dedicated team of qualified medical professionals has received education and training from the most prestigious institutes of the world. Therefore, our Dubai medical center, established with the objective of revolutionizing healthcare in the UAE, is able to provide you excellent treatment. Owing to their vast global experience, you may visit Zia Medical Center in Dubai expecting premium healthcare from our general physicians and specialists. Furnished with state-of-the-art equipment. Putting your health before everything else, we aim for early diagnosis that guarantees a higher chance of recovery with minimum risk.


At Zia Medical Center, our mission is to improve the health of the UAE community and the world by setting the standard of excellence in clinical care, medical technology and family-friendly design.
Medical Treatments

Medical Treatments

Multidisciplinary care under 1 roof.

We treat a wide range of health issues, taking a personal touch and utilizing highly specialized and up-to-date technologies.

Our Doctors

Our Doctors

Global talent. Local expertise.

We are home to the leading doctors in UAE and around the world, who are committed to helping you make the right decision with confidence.

Walk-In Clinic

Walk-In Clinic

Convenient access to healthcare.

We are on hand to offer help when and where you need it, with both a sit and wait service - where no appointment is necessary.

Best Medical Clinic in Dubai

As the best clinic in Dubai, it is our priority to offer complete medical care to every patient. We believe in encouraging our patients to discuss their symptoms and concerns with their doctor.  Zia Medical Center has a policy of drafting comprehensive treatment plans for patients once their diagnosis has been confirmed. From dentistry to podiatry, our medical center in Jumeirah is ideal for a wide range of medical services.

Even after a patient has become stable, we keep in touch to receive regular updates about their condition. Among the top medical clinics in Dubai, Zia Medical Center is known for the support we promise our patients. Thanks to our exceptional communication setup, you can always connect with your doctor and easily get appointments for the perfect time slot.

Our Doctor's

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Clive Hawkins
Very good! Dr. Pierdanilo Sanna, Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Maria Mangaki, Podiatrist and Dr. Hira Lashari, GP were all excellent. They took the time to explain everything clearly and in great detail. I am confident that the treatment and advice we received was first class.

I would thoroughly recommend their services.

Zainab Ahmed
Dr. Fasia Basir has been treating my mother-in-law since 2010 when she was first assigned to her for neural complications following a stroke at the age of 67. She is now the go-to family doctor for my family. She is thorough, compassionate and supremely skilled in her field. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a physician or internal medicine doctor.

5 stars all the way!

Tariq Hameed
What I really liked about Dr. Aisha Taufiq was her ability to perform procedures with minimal pain or discomfort and limiting excessive & unnecessary clinic visits, her promptness in getting insurance approvals and her warmth and friendliness towards all ages.

I also met the orthodontist, Dr. Rasha Magdi at the clinic who was well-experienced and I felt satisfied with her too. As a result, I have decided to get my 2 teenagers orthodontic treatment from Zia Medical Clinic too.

Afrah Sami
Went there for a second opinion on a broken ankle. It’s the only opinion I will be opting for now. From the doctor to the support staff, they couldn’t do enough.

Dr. Salman Hameed is the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Dubai!

Omar Nasr
I tried many centers in Dubai but in Zia Medical Center, they have an amazing Doctor called Dr. Saloni Jaiswal. She is professional and has a lot of knowledge which helped me to improve a lot in my body.

I advise to go and ask for her by name to get quick results.

Valentini Mariana
I absolutely recommend Dr. Renata Von Kouh for physiotherapy!

After so many doctors and no results, finally with Dr. Renata my life changed. She is an excellent physiotherapist, she is polite, smart and strong. I will recommend her to all my friends. l am so lucky l met her, and l think everyone deserves to have a doctor like her

Ahmed Ibrahim
I went with my mother for general checkup. I would recommend all my friends to go there because we received the best customer service from their staff & doctors who treated us like family with warm smiles.

We will go back, for sure!

Kaser Nazir
I like the fact that MRI is reported in the United Kingdom for my knee problem. Being a specialist from London myself, I was impressed that there was no messing around. Insurance approvals and MRI scan on the same day.

Thank you!

Simone Green
I’ve been seeing Steven Josephs for Acupuncture for the last 8 years and he is by far the most exceptional holistic practitioner I’ve had the honor of being treated by.

Zia Medical Centre  is a beautiful calm and welcoming space and the team too are fantastic in administering alternative, supportive therapies as required in compliment to the acupuncture I receive.

Samira Alsaffar
I had a great experienced with Zia Medical Center from their approachable nurses up to their doctors. Especially to Dr. Saloni Kishor Jaiswal. Every time I have back pain, I always go to her to ask for some treatment to reduce the pain.

I am very thankful for having Dr. Saloni for taking care of me

Ishrat Siddiqui
I went to Dentist Dr. Ali Hussain, with a very bad tooth ache. It was handled with care, thoroughness and extreme professionalism.

Thank you, Dr. Ali Hussain, you are the best!

Aalia Moulvi
It’s one of the very few medical centers with homeopathy doctors. Dr Rozina is one of the best homeopathy doctor I have ever met. She has been treating me & my family since a very long time. My child is cured of her asthma problem.

I highly recommend Dr Rozina as she is excellent in treating her patients very well.

Rehan Ali
Very experienced doctors and great customer service.

Very professional staff and exceptional care by the nurses and physiotherapist.

Zehra Raza
Excellent doctors and best care given to the patients.

Highly recommend Zia Medical center to all.

Samira Alsaffar
Dear Dr. Aisha Taufiq, Thank you also for taking care of my teeth.You are so amazing on how you treat your patients specially me. I did not feel any pain when you made the procedures for my teeth. You’re a highly recommend dentist!
Valentini Mariana
l met excellent doctors, like Dr. Salman Hameed, Orthopedic Specialist and Dr. Elisabeth Makk for homeopathy. They also helped me so much, at the Zia medical center, where everyone is so polite and friendly and professional, doctors and staff, that to be sick is less painful.
Dan Andres Rodriguez
I have been seeing Steven Josephs for years for acupuncture treatment and his treatments have always been highly effective. He is very focused on patient outcomes, and very knowledgeable about both the conventional medical system as well complementary therapies and holistic approaches to healing. He’s not just an acupuncturist, but a patient advocate!

Plus, his new setup at Zia Medical Center is great.

Michelle Fernandez
Dr. Rozina Baig is one of the best Homeopathic doctors in Dubai. She has been treating us as family since almost 5 years. She is extremely good with kids who suffer with Asthma, Wheezing, Bronchitis etc. My son has been treated by her since the age of 2 1/2yrs and he has been cured of his asthma/ allergic conditions. Under her guidance I have never had the need to give him antibiotics or strong allopathic drugs.

Thank you, Dr. Rozina for being there!!

Maryam Fahad Khan
For everyone looking for a professional and experienced dentist, i will recommend Dr. Aisha Taufiq at Zia Medical Centre highly. She has been really approachable, friendly and advised me the best treatment when I was in immense pain. I can vouch for her treatment and expertise.

Thank you so much, Dr. Aisha!

Yousuf Hameed
The attitude of the Clinic staff was also very polite, friendly and helpful.

They have reasonable rates in cases where insurance coverage is not available. I highly recommend Dr. Aisha Taufiq & the Dental clinic at Zia Medical Center!

Hira Iqbal
I’ve been looking for a good dentist in Dubai for over 3 years for myself & my family.

Through word-of-mouth, I came for consultation to Dr. Aisha Taufiq, the dentist @ Zia Medical Center. I felt extremely comfortable with her on my first visit and was very impressed by Dr. Aisha’s quick action in getting insurance approvals. I was amazed by the way the procedure was performed as the kids did not complain of any pain even after the effects of anesthesia.

Madhumita Bose Hazra
Before choosing Dr Mehreen as my obstetrician, I was booked elsewhere but right after my 1st meeting with her,l decided that I wanted her to do my delivery. I immediately trusted her knowledge and she made me so comfortable,answered all my questions and eased my fears about delivery. She never pushed me for a ceaserian section,this was my ist pregnancy and i was v anxious. She diagnosed and managed my gestational diabetes v well and i had a normal delivery finally.

Dr Mehreen was so calm and supportive throughout,till the final push! And the best part was the close followup even after my delivery,she made sure to be there anytime to answer my questions and she is also qualified at giving breastfeeding support & advice.

I would definitely recommend Dr Mehreen to anyone who is looking for the best pregnancy management and natural delivery,plus maximum care even after the delivery!

Shoaib Sandeela
I had a great experience with Dr. Aisha Taufiq at Zia Medical for my dental treatment. I came with a problem of irregular sleep and regular headaches. She recommended the use of night guard which helped me a lot in improving my sleep and the headaches have reduced big time.

Highly recommend her for the dental care.

Octavia G Jefferson

I value the care and service I received at Zia. Dr. Hira Lashari is the best primary care physician I have had as an adult. The information I obtained and care was above and beyond.

The nursing staff is attentive, nurturing, caring, and knowledgeable. Of course, I owe having the best 𝕄𝕖𝕕𝕚𝕔𝕒𝕝 and dental care to the best Orthopedic Surgeon in the region, Dr. Salman Hameed.

A special thanks to you and your team for exceptional care and services. I always felt and knew, I was in the best hands in Dubai.  I am grateful for you all.

Denisa Poljakova

During 6 years in Dubai I didn’t find so helpful and caring dentist like Dr. Aisha Taufiq.

The way how she is taking care of the teeth is outstanding, painless and you can be sure you will get your big beautiful smile after treatment. After many surgeries and painful treatments in dentist chair, I can finally say it’s a pleasure to go to the dentist now because of her amazing work!

Leonardo Faltoni
Dr. Aisha Taufiq is a great dentist. She’s done multiple tooth fillings for me as well as general checkups and cleaning. Always well mannered, works with a steady hand while at the same time working fast.

Highly recommended!!

Rana Kamran
our family has been very fortunate to have Dr. Mehreen as our doctor for over 2 years, as both a gynecologist and obstetrician. We have shared a journey of wellness, health conditions, fertility challenges, and birth. And throughout the journey, we have never felt like just a patient with an appointment. Dr. Mehreen is compassionate, professional, generous with her time and knowledge, and passionate about making people well — truly well.



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