Transforming lives with quality orthopaedic doctor at ZMC


Transforming lives with quality orthopaedic care at Zia Medical Center!

Turning back time

Now that he was in his 70’s, Tariq assumed that he would have to live with pain. His knee and finger joints ached all the time. Walking was an ordeal, and daily chores seemed too difficult. Over the months that the pain had developed, Tariq sub-consciously responded by reducing his mobility. He stopped going for his daily walk to the nearby park area, and found it painful to even play with his 3-year old grandson. Not very fond of hospitals or doctors, Tariq had never visited a physician for his problem.
“Who can cure old age?” he was fond of saying.
It was by chance that Tariq was discussing his painful condition with a family friend, when the friend suggested that Tariq see a good orthopaedic doctor. Repeating his usual refrain of ‘old age’, Tariq dismissed the suggestion. But a few days later, when the pain was particularly severe, Tariq decided to see a doctor. So, he called up Zia Medical Center, and set up an appointment with Dr. Pierdanilo Sanna, an orthopaedics and trauma surgery specialist. When Dr. Sanna examined Tariq, and probed with some questions, he concluded that Tariq was suffering from arthritis which was affecting his knees. Further examination confirmed this.
Dr. Sanna devised a comprehensive treatment plan for Tariq which included anti-inflammatory medication, some simple exercises, and some cortisone injections for the inflamed joints. Despite his skepticism, Tariq was assured that his pain would be improved.
After a week of therapy, Tariq began to notice a visible difference in his symptoms. One day, he was pleasantly surprised when he picked up a tennis ball and threw it back to his grandson – all without any pain in his fingers. A few days later, he decided to venture down to the mosque. Again, to his delight, his knees did not hurt, and seemed to carry him effortlessly.
On a follow up visit to Dr. Sanna, Tariq was grateful, and enthusiastic, about his recovery and the improvement in the quality of his life.
He was appreciative of Dr. Sanna’s therapy, and seemed to have become something of a believer.
“You have really cured my old age”.

Scoring for the team

Dr. Pierdanilo Sanna deals with patients from all backgrounds. Recently, a 21-year old university student came to Dr. Sanna with a soccer injury. The young athlete, Abu Bakr, had severe pain in his ankle after a particularly aggressive match against a rival university. Abu Bakr had come into Dr. Sanna’s office limping and groaning.
“It looks like a fracture, young man” said Dr. Sanna at first look.
After some close examination and X-Rays conducted at the Zia Medical Center in Dubai, Abu Bakr was told that he had a hair-line fracture in his right ankle. He was prescribed a week of rest, and another week of using support while walking. Additionally, a splint was stretched on to his foot to support the fractured ankle and to allow room for swelling.
Abu Bakr was also prescribed pain-relieving medicines, and advised to wear protection while playing soccer.
As anticipated, Abu Bakr’s ankle was healed in two weeks, and he was soon back in the field scoring goals for his university.

Reclaiming a pain-free life

orthopaedic doctor interventions can often be dramatically pain-relieving.
When Angela came to Dr. Sanna’s office, she was in a lot of pain. A day earlier, she had lifted a heavy object with her extended hand. Something had gone ‘pop’ in her shoulder, and she was in pain since then.
With three children, all school-going, Angela was scared of having done permanent damage to her shoulder. After careful examination, and some interrogation, Dr. Sanna told Angela that her shoulder was partially dislocated (subluxation). He then performed a ‘closed reduction’ on Angela, which is gently placing the humerus (upper arm bone) back into the joint socket (glenoid).
The pain-relief was immediate, much to Angela’s surprise. While she had to go through an X-Ray and some precautions (like icing and exercising), she could function quite normally in the days to come.

Dr. Pierdanilo Sanna is a highly-trained orthopaedic doctor and trauma surgeon, practicing at the Zia Medical Center Dubai. For further enquiries, or appointments, call +971 433 87878

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