Dr-Muhammad-Nasim-Sabir-Pathologist-in dubai
Dr-Muhammad-Nasim-Sabir-Pathologist-in dubai

Dr Muhammad Nasim Sabir

Languages: English, Urdu


  • Dr. Muhammad Nasim Sabir is a distinguished Pathologist and Clinical Microbiologist at the helm of an Internationally Accredited Laboratory. With a profound background in Lab Management, Infection Control, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Quality Management System setup, he stands as a recognized expert in his field. A passionate educator and trainer, he has spent the last decade dedicated to teaching Basic and Applied Microbiology, Infection Control, Antibiotic Stewardship, Lab Safety, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and Quality Management System principles. Dr. Sabir's teaching engagements have spanned across prestigious institutions in Pakistan, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE
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  • Dr. Sabir possesses an encompassing grasp of the Technical aspects of Diagnostic Microbiology & Pathology. His proficiency extends to multidisciplinary collaboration, working closely with clinical counterparts to manage infections, implement infection control measures, and shape antibiotic policies
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  • An innovator and trailblazer, he pioneered and developed Drug and Alcohol testing programs tailored for the Aviation industry in the UAE, in collaboration with the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). Dr. Sabir's credentials as a Certified Auditor testify to his adeptness in working alongside esteemed accreditation bodies like CPA (UK), CAP, and JCIA during the accreditation processes of diverse organizations
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  • Research is a fervent area of interest for Dr. Sabir, who has been deeply engaged in impactful research endeavors, resulting in the publication of articles in esteemed indexed journals. With an exceptional blend of expertise, leadership, and dedication, Dr. Muhammad Nasim Sabir shines as a prominent figure in the realm of Pathology and Clinical Microbiology


  • • M.B.B.S – Sindh Medical College Karachi, Pakistan
  • • F.C.P.S – College of Physicians and Surgeons Karachi, Pakistan


  • • Accurate diagnosis of various infectious diseases and medical conditions through advanced microbiological and pathological testing
  • • Utilization of cutting-edge laboratory techniques and equipment to ensure precise and timely results
  • • Collaborative approach with medical practitioners to interpret findings and contribute to patient care plans
  • • Identification of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites, to guide effective treatment strategies
  • • Evaluation of tissue samples, blood tests, and other specimens to provide insights into underlying health issues


  • • Rapid response to outbreaks and epidemics to contain and manage infectious disease incidents effectively
  • • Design and implementation of rigorous infection prevention strategies to minimize the spread of contagious diseases
  • • Development of protocols for sterilization, disinfection, and proper disposal of medical waste
  • • Training healthcare personnel in infection control practices to ensure compliance and minimize risks
  • • Regular monitoring and assessment of healthcare facilities to identify potential sources of infection transmission


  • • Participation in proficiency testing programs to validate the laboratory's accuracy against external standards
  • • Ongoing training of laboratory personnel to maintain a high level of proficiency in quality control protocols
  • • Implementation of stringent quality control measures to monitor the accuracy and precision of testing procedures


  • • Implementation of safety protocols and quality control measures to uphold patient and staff well-being
  • • Continuous improvement initiatives to enhance laboratory performance and meet evolving healthcare demands
  • • Maintenance of high-quality standards in sample handling, testing procedures, and result reporting


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