In order to create images of a fetus inside the uterus, ultrasound during pregnancy uses sound waves as its imaging medium. A doctor can monitor the pregnancy and examine your baby’s growth and development using fetal ultrasound images. Pregnancy ultrasound can sometimes be used to identify potential issues or support a diagnosis.

The first fetal ultrasound is typically performed in the first trimester to determine how far along you are and to confirm your pregnancy. The next ultrasound is normally provided in the second trimester of your pregnancy, when anatomical details are visible.

Pregnancy Ultrasound is necessary to ensure that the baby is growing well as it can provide very important diagnostic information about a developing baby, including confirming the pregnancy and gestational age; checking for multiple pregnancies, congenital anomalies, and/or problems with the placenta; monitoring fetal position, fetal growth, and the level of amniotic fluid; and aiding in other tests.

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