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Our physiotherapy clinic in Dubai is proud to offer premium medical services for patients who suffer from particular problems that may be resolved by physiotherapy. The internationally qualified and extensively trained doctors at our clinic have had great success in treating well known athletes who faced sports injuries.

Our experts also excel at post-operative rehabilitation creating a customized plan for every patient to allow higher chances of full recovery. Repetitive strain injury is not uncommon among athletes and people who have physically demanding professions. Thanks to the vast experience of the best physiotherapists in Dubai, Zia Medical Center promises advanced and effective solutions for strained ligaments and muscle injuries. You may visit us to learn more about the accurate diagnosis of issues concerning musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction.

We place great importance on women’s health as a physiotherapy clinic in Dubai that provides upgraded treatment plans every time there is new research on antenatal & postnatal services. Come discuss the specific solutions we can draft for back & neck pain depending on your convenience. There are many illnesses connected to incontinence which we can help you with at our physiotherapy clinic in Dubai. In addition, Zia Medical Center is one of the top clinics to visit for getting treatment for neural pain & cervicogenic headaches. Meet the best physiotherapist in Dubai who is excellent at providing ergonomic advice. Patients of all ages and genders may contact our professionals directly to set up appointments at suitable times to meet our medical experts.

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Physical therapists at Zia Medical Center provide treatment for a wide range of conditions using strengthening and stretching exercises, manual manipulation of tissue, neuromuscular re-education, and the use of various therapeutic and assistive devices.

An an essential role in treating every condition that rehabilitation medicine addresses, Physical therapists improve mobility & restore movement for their clients, thereby increasing their independence and minimizing limitations as a result of permanent disabilities.


All patients receive individualized programs tailored to their specific needs, addressing areas for improvement including as strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Details on our specialized services are included below.