Essential Health Checkup, ECG, CXR and Ultrasound | Zia Medical Center

Essential Wellbeing


The Essential Health Check expands on the Basic Health Check to include certain aspects that our physician’s strongly recommend. It incorporates a detailed functional analysis of the liver, kidneys and thyroid. In this package we look at the patient’s inflammatory status as well as screening them for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. We conduct the following tests regularly ECG, CXR, Ultrasounds etc.

This package offers the following additional tests:

  • Thyroid stimulating hormone
  • C-reactive protein (inflammatory marker)
  • Detailed liver function
  • Detailed lipid profile
  • Fasting and random blood sugars
  • Hepatitis B surface antigen
  • Hepatitis C antibody
  • Stool analysis

Price: AED 2,500/-