Antenatal Package From 20 Weeks


2.700,00 AED

When you purchase the package, you can split the cost over installments with Tabby and Cashew with 0% interest!


20 Weeks:
– Initial Consultation & Booking History
– Antenatal Blood Tests (Complete Blood Count, Blood Group & Rh Typing, Indirect Coomb’s Test, Random Blood Sugar, VDRL/RPR, HIV, HCV, HBSAg, Rubella, Urine Analysis, Fasting Blood Sugar)
– Detailed Anomaly Scan with the Radiologist for Congenital Abnormalities Screening

24 Weeks:
– Follow-up Consultation & Routine Ultrasound

28 Weeks:
– Follow-up Consultation & Routine Ultrasound
– Antenatal Tests
(Complete Blood Count, Oral Glucose, Tolerance Test – OGTT and Urine Routine Exam)
– Optional (Additional charges apply)
– 3D Scan with the Radiologist*
– Pregnancy Nutritional Counselling with Dietician*

32 Weeks:
– Detailed Growth & Doppler Scan with the Radiologist

34 Weeks:
– Follow up Consultation & Routine Ultrasound

36 Weeks:
– Follow-up Consultation & Routine Ultrasound
– Vaginal Swab for GBS Screening

37 – 40 Weeks:
– Weekly Consultation & Routine Ultrasound
– CTG for Fetal Wellbeing (if clinically indicated)
– Birth Plan for Labor & Delivery

Terms & Conditions:
– The package commences at 12 or 20 weeks of gestation.
– Any previous consultations & investigations cannot be adjusted against the package.
– Any Blood Investigations, Radiology Investigations, Procedures & Visits other than the ones listed would be carried out at an additional cost. (discounts may be applicable)
– The charges mentioned are for a single pregnancy. Additional charges will be applicable for twin/triplet pregnancies.
– If any emergency medical treatment, medication, procedures is admnistered the Antenatal Package will not include the required.
– Refund policy: If the Package is discontinued, there will be no refunds.
*Additional charges will be applicable for the Down Syndrome & NIPT (discounts may be applicable)



The road to motherhood is a special journey for every woman. At this sensitive time, a mother needs constant medical attention to monitor her growing baby and the changes in her body.

Our comprehensive antenatal packages allow our specialists to keep a close eye on your and your baby’s development and health




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