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A Team Approach to

Sports Medicine

If your passion calls, get back to it.

Zia Medical Center takes pride in having a team of experts, including physicians, specialists, physiotherapists, and more, that deal specifically with diagnosing & treating sports-related injuries.

Whether you are a professional athlete or a novice, sports injuries are common and usually result due to overuse, bad technique, or an accident of a specific part of your body. The majority of these injuries do not need surgery so, most of our clients prefer undergoing minimally invasive treatment options to regain their form and get back in the game.

Our sports medicine unit is led by a team of internationally acclaimed sports medicine physicians, podiatrists, orthopedic specialists and physiotherapists who take their time to get to know about all the problems of our patients to be able to provide them the best care & fastest recovery as well as guiding them about injury prevention.

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