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MRI Scan in Dubai

An MRI, also known as Magnetic Resonance Imaging, is a non-invasive imaging technique utilizing a large tubular device. It employs a powerful magnet to generate a magnetic field and emits radio frequency waves in combination with an advanced computer system. This process creates highly detailed images of various body structures. MRI is commonly employed for diagnosing a wide range of diseases throughout the body, including conditions such as lesions, cysts, nerve impairments, inflammation, or hemorrhaging. The duration of an MRI scan typically lasts around 20-30 minutes, although it may vary  depending on the specific examination required for accurate diagnosis.

At Zia Medical Center in Dubai we use Siemens 1.5 Tesla MRI machine. A powerful 1.5 Tesla magnet, this advanced technology ensures exceptional and high-resolution image quality. Experience reduced noise levels during scanning, thanks to its speech level noise or lesser noise compared to other MRI machines. With the Siemens 1.5 Tesla, there is no need for patients to enter the machine headfirst, unless specifically scanning the head and neck region. This enhances comfort and minimizes any feelings of confinement. Additionally, after every procedure, patients have the option to receive a CD copy of their MRI results, providing easy access and convenience for further review or sharing with our specialists.

MRI Scan Procedures at Zia Medical Center in Dubai

Our MRI services encompass a wide range of procedures to meet your diagnostic needs:

  • Routine Plain & Contrast MRI
  • Musculoskeletal MRI, including knee and shoulder MRI
  • Spine MRI
  • Dynamic Brain MRI
  • Dynamic Breast MRI
  • Breast implant MRI
  • Liver Dynamic MRI
  • Abdominal & Pelvic MRI
  • Prostate MRI
  • Uterus MRI
  • Full Body MRI scan
  • Same-day MRI appointments
  • MRI Fistulogram
  • MRCP (Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography)
  • MRA & MRV (Magnetic Resonance Angiography & Venography)

Our comprehensive MRI services cater to a variety of diagnostic needs, ensuring accurate and detailed imaging for effective medical evaluations.

How does MRI Scan in Dubai work?

MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, operates on the principles of powerful magnets rather than conventional cameras. It functions similarly to taking a photograph, with the magnet serving as the lens. When undergoing an MRI, the specific area of interest is positioned within the magnetic field, just as you would aim your camera at a subject. Once the MRI begins, you may hear the machine’s noise as it works. The strong magnetic field causes hydrogen molecules in your body to align. This alignment is then processed by a sophisticated MRI computer system, resulting in the generation of detailed images. Importantly, this entire process is completely non-invasive, meaning you won’t experience any physical sensations during the procedure. In summary, MRI utilizes strong magnets to create images, offering a safe and painless method of capturing internal structures and providing valuable diagnostic information without any discomfort to the patient.

Who can have an MRI Scan in Dubai?

MRI scans in Dubai are suitable for individuals across various age groups, including pediatric, adult, and geriatric populations, regardless of gender. Pregnant individuals can also safely undergo MRI scans, as no studies have demonstrated any adverse effects on the mother or the unborn child. It is advised for individuals who have claustrophobia (fear of small spaces) or anxiety to speak with our doctor before the planned examination so that he or she can prescribe a little sedative to aid with any discomfort. In the case of infants and children, sedation or anesthesia is often necessary to ensure they remain still during the MRI procedure. The need for sedation will depend on the child’s age and the type of exam being conducted. It is important to have our physician or nurse specializing in pediatric sedation or anesthesia present during the examination to guarantee the child’s safety. Special instructions will be provided to prepare the child for sedation or anesthesia. MRI scans in Dubai are suitable for a wide range of individuals, and precautions are in place to accommodate patients of different ages, including infants and children, to ensure a safe and successful imaging experience.

Why should one do MRI Scan in Dubai and its Risk

There are several compelling reasons to choose MRI as a diagnostic imaging modality:

Non-Ionizing Radiation: Unlike X-rays, MRI does not utilize ionizing radiation, making it a safer option for repeated imaging exams without the associated risks of radiation exposure.

Advanced Imaging Capabilities: MRI offers highly advanced imaging techniques that allow for superior evaluation of various body parts and certain diseases. It provides detailed and precise images that may not be achievable with other imaging modalities.

Risk Considerations: It is important to note that certain patients may have limitations or require careful evaluation before undergoing an MRI scan in Dubai. Patients with cardiac devices, such as pacemakers or defibrillators, are generally not allowed to have an MRI due to potential risks. Similarly, individuals with metallic implants or a history of specific surgeries, such as cochlear (ear) implants or certain types of brain aneurysm clips or metal coils within blood vessels, need thorough assessment and evaluation before proceeding with an MRI scan in Dubai. Additionally, patients with a history of military service or exposure to industrial work may also require careful evaluation.

Overall, MRI offers a safer alternative to ionizing radiation-based imaging, with advanced capabilities to provide comprehensive and detailed evaluation of various conditions. However, it is crucial to consider individual risk factors and undergo appropriate assessment before undergoing an MRI scan in Dubai.

Operating Procedure in MRI Scan in Dubai

When undergoing an MRI, the following routine operating procedure is followed:

  • Our doctor’s request is reviewed by our staff radiographer.
  • A safety questionnaire and consent form are provided to ensure your well-being and informed consent.
  • Hospital gowns are provided to ensure you are wearing no metallic items during the scan.
  • Personal belongings that could be affected by the magnetic field, such as phones, credit cards, and money, are securely stored in a locker.
  • Our radiographer will explain the scan’s position and duration, ensuring you are informed and comfortable.
  • You will be asked to lie on the scanner bed, and pads or pillows will be used to ensure your comfort and proper positioning.
  • As MRI rooms are typically cool, a blanket will be offered to keep you warm.
  • Earplugs will be provided to minimize the noise of the machine, ensuring a more comfortable experience.
  • You will be given an alarm button to hold, allowing you to alert our radiographer if you need assistance or experience any discomfort.
  • Most procedures will be conducted with your feet entering the scanner first, thanks to advancements in our equipment.
  • MRI exams are painless, but it is crucial to remain perfectly still during image recording for optimal results.
  • MRI scanning has no known side effects, and as it does not use harmful ionizing radiation, it can be safely repeated as necessary.

By following these routine procedures, we prioritize your comfort, safety, and the successful completion of your MRI scan.

MRI Scan in Dubai with Contrast

During certain MRI examinations, you may be required to receive an injection of contrast material (also known as dye) into a blood vessel. Please note the following important considerations:

Fasting: In some cases, fasting prior to the procedure may be necessary. You will receive specific instructions by our specialists regarding fasting if applicable to your examination.

Health Conditions and Recent Surgeries: It is important to inform our radiographer if you have any serious health problems or have undergone recent surgeries. Certain conditions, such as severe kidney disease or liver transplant, may impact the administration of gadolinium contrast material during the MRI scan in Dubai.

Kidney Function Test: To ensure adequate kidney function, a blood test (creatinine) may be performed prior to the MRI scan in Dubai.

Allergies and Precautions: Our radiographer or a nurse will inquire about any allergies you may have, including allergies to drugs, food, or the environment, as well as asthma. This information allows appropriate precautions to be taken during the procedure.

Gadolinium Contrast Material: The contrast material used for MRI exams is typically based on gadolinium. It is less common for patients to have an allergic reaction to gadolinium-based contrast agents compared to iodine-containing contrast used in CT scans. Even if a patient has a known allergy to gadolinium contrast, it may still be possible to use it after appropriate assessment or pre-medication.

Hydration: Following the injection of contrast material, our radiographer will advise you to drink plenty of water over the next 24 hours to help flush out the contrast from your system.

Breastfeeding: If you are a breastfeeding patient, our doctor will assess and provide guidance on when it is safe to resume breastfeeding after the procedure.

These considerations ensure your safety and well-being throughout the MRI examination process. Please communicate any relevant information to our radiographer to facilitate the best possible care.

MRI Scan at Zia Medical Center in Dubai

At Zia Medical Center in Dubai, we offer state-of-the-art MRI scan services to meet your diagnostic needs. Our advanced imaging technology and our specialists ensure accurate and detailed results for a wide range of medical conditions.

Our MRI services cover various areas, including:

  • Brain and neurological imaging
  • Spine and musculoskeletal imaging
  • Abdominal and pelvic imaging
  • Chest imaging
  • Breast imaging
  • Joint and extremity imaging
  • Pediatric imaging
  • Full Body MRI Scan

When you visit Zia Medical Center for an MRI scan in Dubai, you can expect a comfortable and patient-centered experience. Our compassionate staff will guide you through the process, addressing any concerns or questions you may have. We prioritize your safety and well-being throughout the procedure.

With our modern facility and a team of experienced radiologists, we strive to deliver high-quality and accurate MRI scan results in a timely manner. Trust Zia Medical Center for your MRI needs, and experience reliable and comprehensive imaging services in Dubai.

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