CT Scan – Without Contrast


750,00 AED

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Without Contrast:

  • CT Scan Brain
  • Cardiac CT Scan
  • CT Scan Sinuses
  • CT Scan Chest
  • CT Scan Lungs
  • CT Scan Spine
  • Full Body CT Scan
  • CT Scan Bone
  • CT Scan Pelvis
  • CT Scan Neck
  • CT Scan Renal Stones
  • CT Scan Abdomen


Computed Tomography (CT) scanning uses X-rays to take images of multiple slices of the body from different angles. CT scans reveal if tissues in the body are fluid or solid; they are used to diagnose tumors, internal injuries and various other problems. Zia Medical Center’s state of the art 16 slice CT scan enables the team to evaluate each case in extensive detail. This in turn allows our expert radiologists to come to the right diagnosis quicker and instantaneously inform the rest of the team through our dedicated PACS service.

Our Siemens SOMATOM CT is particularly known for optimizing image quality while minimizing radiation dose, which is particularly appropriate for children and patients who need multiple scans.

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