It’s your life and your care, so it must be your way.

Looking for care at home in Dubai, UAE – for yourself, or for a member of your family?

Whether recovering from illness, injury or operation, living with an age-related condition or a long term chronic disease, we deliver care and support in the comfort and safety of your home, be it  short, medium or long-term support.

Our staff are trained to an exceptional level and receive ongoing development support, to ensure that our high standards are maintained at all times while keeping the wellbeing of the clients is at the heart of their service.

What makes Zia Medical Center unique is that we provide the time you need for each visit. This allows us to build meaningful relationships with our clients and provide the support they need to allow them to live a happy and high quality of life at home.

We are pleased to offer doctor home visits to homes, offices and hotels across Dubai, which is a convenient and high-quality healthcare solution for you and your loved ones.

Our team of physicians (GP, Pediatrics & Nurses) are experienced, compassionate and fully capable of being able to provide clinically safe, efficient and a highly personalized service in the comfort and safety of your home.

We provide trained & registered Nursing services for both children and adults directly to your home, as well as to office and hotel locations across Dubai.

Your care will be tailored to your needs and medical conditions and may include blood tests sample collection, Medication administration (IV and medications) and Health monitoring for diabetes, hypertension & other chronic conditions by our DHA licensed nurses.

We offer an extensive selection of physiotherapy services for adults, children, and the elderly. We can arrange one-off appointments and long-term bookings with our highly-skilled physiotherapists at a time to suit you.

Our expert and experienced physiotherapists design customized treatment plans to help you to manage your condition, achieve your goals, and live a pain-free life. They get you back on track.

We are committed to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic by offering Covid-19 PCR Tests and Antibody testing services at your location.

Our Covid-19 PCR test results are available in 12 – 14 hours (maximum) and are valid for local and international travel. Your comfort is our priority and you can avail this service in your home, hotel or office.

At Zia Medical Center, we offer private and discreet STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) testing services at your home, plus any advice, information or support you may need.

Sexual health testing is for anyone who is sexually active and/or has had unprotected sex in the past. Because sexually transmitted diseases may not show symptoms until they become more serious, it makes sense to be tested for your peace of mind.

Many people these days think they have food allergies, but what they actually have is a food intolerance.

We offer comprehensive food intolerance testing and can advise you in relation to any sensitivities and allergy to foods, helping reduce the risk of chronic health problems. So, if you do not know which food can cause you health issues, you can avail this service at the convenience of your home.