I want to try IV drip therapy for the first time. Can I come by your clinic and get it right away?

You must first schedule a consultation with our doctor before attempting IV Therapy. Prior to receiving your first IV drip, bloodwork must also be done. Blood tests will assist the doctor decide which nutrients can be added to your specially compounded IV therapy and whether there are any conditions that make IV therapy contraindicated.

Note that if you have been given a diagnosis of heart disease, high blood pressure, or kidney illness, some IV treatment drips may not be appropriate for you.

How should I prepare for my IV drip therapy appointment?

We respectfully ask that you hydrate as much as you can, have a snack, and engage in some physical exercise prior to your session to help it go as smoothly as possible. Prior to your consultation, this will aid in boosting your blood flow and engorge your veins. Consider this: Your veins will appear narrower when you are already dehydrated. For your IV therapy appointment, your veins must be visible (the more evident, the better), which may increase the effectiveness of your trip.

Who is nutritional IV drip therapy for?

Nutritional IV drip therapy may be appropriate for these people:

  • Those with compromised digestive systems;
  • Those with an aversion to oral supplements;
  • Those seeking to restore hydration and strengthen the immune system;
  • Those seeking to detoxify the liver and kidneys;
  • Those hoping to increase energy levels;
  • Those who require relief from lethargy, inflammation, pain, sports injuries.
  • Those seeking adjunctive support in their health care.
  • IV drip therapy is a treatment option for people who require high nutritional dosages. Studies have demonstrated that for nutrients to act pharmacologically, they must be present in certain amounts in the blood or tissues. One such example is vitamin C; studies show that in order to benefit nutritionally, our intracellular fluids must include high levels of vitamin C. Because only a small portion of the real nutrient is absorbed into the bloodstream when taken orally, these high levels of vitamin C cannot be obtained with supplements. However, IV treatment delivers nutrients into your bloodstream, enabling you to give your body pharmacologically potent nutrients.
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