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Executive Health Checkups

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Our executive health checkups are designed to promote wellness & eliminate risk factors for disease so you can enjoy a healthy life.

Getting a health checkup should become an important part of your routine as it keeps you informed about your body, and can alert you to any changes in your health, which is a key measure in preventing serious illnesses.

At Zia Medical Center, we have developed a wide range of health checkup packages to maximize disease detection and ensured that our tests cover a wide range of medical concerns, including broad overviews to more specific investigations, depending on your age.

With the goal of helping you improve your overall health, our team of experienced doctors and specialists are committed to providing expert advice and support you in your journey towards better health.

Basic Checkup - Men & Women
Essential Checkup - Men & Women
Premium Checkup - Men
Premium Checkup - Women
Ultimate Checkup - Men
Ultimate Checkup - Women