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In order to address common and rare cardiovascular diseases, Zia Medical Center provides first class diagnosis and treatment facilities at the Cardiology Department. It is convenient for patients to make an appointment with the best cardiologists in Dubai at our clinic. We have simplified the route from patient to doctor encouraging a strong bond between them. This is essential for the diagnosis, treatment and recovery stages. A heart patient requires constant care and monitoring to minimize the risk of dangerous episodes. As reliable cardiologists in Dubai, our medical professionals emphasize the need for smooth communication. The doctor is instantly notified of the minute changes allowing them to assess the condition of the patient. This assures the patient and their caretakers that our doctors are attentive and prepared to take action in case of an unexpected emergency.

Some of the most highly qualified heart specialists in Dubai may be found at Zia Medical Center’s Cardiology Department. They underwent thorough training at medical institutes that are held in high regard worldwide for their advanced treatment of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, our cardiologists in Dubai possess years of experience handling countless complicated cases. This allows them to make informed decisions about your health when choices seem difficult. They remain calm and collected during emergencies acting fast to reduce any damage caused by a heart attack. Therefore, you may trust our experienced heart specialist in Dubai to manage diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases competently. Our strict protocols ensure that every process runs smoothly.

Dr. Zulfiqar Ali

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At Zia Medical Centre, our team of expert Cardiologists in Dubai provides comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients with cardiovascular diseases.

The Cardiology Department is equipped with a fourteen-bed Coronary Care Unit (CCU) for patients that require intensive care and a six-bed Coronary Step-Down Unit (CSDU) for cardiac patients that require an intermediate level of care.

Besides, the Private Wing has a designated cardiology floor with eight telemetry units networked to monitor cardiac patients in all rooms on the floor.

Our heart specialists in Dubai have expertise in diagnosing and treating diseases and numerous conditions of the heart and blood vessels, and performing electrophysiological studies for diagnosis and management of cardiac arrhythmias. Nuclear cardiology along with a comprehensive nuclear medicine service is available. Balloon angioplasty with stent placement for coronary and renal arteries is also performed routinely with precise results. Our Cardiology team consists of both, cardiologists and cardiac surgeons.

We have an Angiography suite as well. It is a well equipped digital cardiac catheterization for both, pediatric patients and adults suffering from various cardiovascular problems. We offer exceptionally outclass services for diagnostic angiography, right and left heart catheterization, percutaneous transluminal (PTCA), implantation of temporary and permanent sophisticated dual chamber cardiac pacemakers and coronary angioplasty.


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