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Back to Doctor Before Back to School!

Spring break is almost over and it’s time for children to return to school. But even as your kids gear up for the new term, it’s time for you to gear up with some precautionary measures to safeguard every member of the family, including yourself! Make sure your school-aged children are ready for a healthy school year before and while they attend. Whether you’re a parent or educator, use these tips to prepare for and work through common challenges:

Schedule a health check-up

Parents know that when their child is sick they should see a pediatrician, but what about when their child is healthy? Routine checks for healthy children are equally as important as doctor visits due to illness. Speak to your doctor and schedule a health-checkup for you and your kids before the term starts. This will give you peace-of-mind and ensure that everyone in the family is healthy and virus free before heading back to the normal routine. If your child will be participating in a sports activity, your family doctor may have to sign a release form to permit your child to participate.

Establishing an ongoing relationship with your pediatrician is important not only to get optimal care, but also to help your child feel comfortable with going to the doctor. It’s a much more relaxed visit when your child is feeling healthy than when he is feeling ill.

Get your shots!

Ensure that the entire family gets vaccinated. Some schools even ask for certain vaccinations to be done before children start a new school year. Also, a great idea is to get the flu vaccine so that your active kids will not fall prey to changing weather conditions. Talk to us to find out which ones are recommended.

Go to bed early!

A healthy amount of sleep is essential for kids and grown-ups, too! This helps you to stay focused and active throughout the day. The amounts of sleep may vary – children generally require more than 8 hours, while adults can stick to 8 or slightly less. Spring break may have gotten your kids used to later sleep times. A great way to get them back to routine is to set their bedtimes a little earlier each night for a week or two before school starts. Remember, early to bed, early to rise!

Good hygiene – a good life!

With so many people returning from the holidays, it’s quite natural that germs would be lurking in the classrooms. To prevent your kids from falling sick or bringing these unwanted visitors home, show them how to protect themselves! Teach them to wash their hands after using the toilet and before having a meal or a snack. Even keeping their nails trimmed and clean is essential to good health.

Stock up on healthy foods!

Junk food and ready-made snacks should be completely out of the question when it comes to packing your kids’ school meals. Teach them to eat healthy from an early age with foods like fruits, vegetables, whole-grain bread and grilled chicken. Even things like a tuna salad or hard-boiled eggs are really easy to make in the mornings. These are great meal ideas for you, too.

Don’t forget the teeth!

Your child should see a dentist around the time of his/her first birthday and then regularly thereafter. It is important to establish relationship of trust between your child and their dentist. At the age of 3, you can begin to teach your child proper brushing techniques by using a drop of fluoride toothpaste on a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Staying hydrated!

Arm your kids with a water bottle that they can carry around everywhere. Keeping hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day is essential to brain health. It helps in concentration, alertness and cognitive ability. So the more water your kids drink, the better chances of them performing.

Why is it important to a health check before school starts?

Routine wellness checks are tailored to certain milestones in your child’s life. They check for nutrition, safety, tracking growth and development, emotional wellbeing, chronic and acute pain, and much, much more. These visits insure that your child is growing and maturing in a healthy manner.

With back to school time upon us, part of every parent’s to-do list should be scheduling his or her child’s pediatric wellness visit.

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