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MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) exams is one of the safest forms of imaging. It is used to diagnose many conditions involving the brain, spine, joints, muscles, abdomen, breast, heart, prostate and blood vessels. Our MRI is also capable of performing full body MRI scans which are considered to be part of a detailed health check-up. Our machine is a 1.5 Tesla, meaning the detail in imaging is far greater than any of the open MRI counter parts, thus ensuring smaller abnormalities are not missed out. This high strength magnet is also the gold standard for clinical management across the world and allows us to perform studies of the liver, biliary tree and pelvic organs in great detail.


Specific features:

  • The Tim+ Dot technology is recognized as a new and improved way of scanning in MRI. It uses a suite of customizable engines allowing the user to personalize exams according to patient needs.
  • As coils need not be repositioned, we can services 50-60 patients every day.
  • Tim Application suite can be used for excellent head to toe imaging for: Neurology, Angiography, Cardiac, Body, Oncology, Breast, Orthopedic and Pediatric fields of medicine.